• About Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

    About Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

    The European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change. It is an initiative of the European Commission and helps users to access and share information on:

    • Expected climate change in Europe
    • Current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors
    • National and transnational adaptation strategies
    • Adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options
    • Tools that support adaptation planning

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  • Case Study

    Amphibious housing in Maasbommel, the Netherlands

    The Netherlands is a country with a long history of mitigating flood damage and adapting to flood risk.

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  • Ace Item

    Adaptation to climate change, are governments prepared?

    This joint report presents a cooperative audit based on eight individual national audit reports from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Ukraine, and a fact-finding study by the European Court of Auditors.

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  • Events

    International Baltic Earth Summer School on Climate change in the Baltic Sea region

    This summer school will focus on past and future changes in climate in the Baltic Sea region.

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  • Mayors Adapt

    Mayors Adapt: Promoting urban leadership in adaptation to climate change

    The Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation has been set up by the European Commission to engage cities in taking action on climate change adaptation.

    The initiative, provides a platform for supporting adaptation, networking and public awareness at the local level where the impacts of climate change will be felt the most.

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