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Getting started

What is the Adaptation Support Tool?

The aim of the Adaptation Support Tool is to assist users in developing climate change adaptation policies by providing guidance, links to relevant sources and dedicated tools.

The European Commission's EU strategy on adaptation to climate change includes a Staff Working Document that provides guidelines on developing adaptation strategies. For developers of physical assets and infrastructure specific guidelines are available on how to incorporate resilience to current climate variability and future climate change within their projects.

Guidance and tools

 Guidelines on developing adaptation strategies This Commission Staff Working Document from European Commission contributes to achieving the first objective of the EU Adaptation Strategy. It pro ...
 Guiding principles for adaptation to climate change in Europe The aim of the study is to provide a starting point for further work by EEA and/or other organizations on identifying success factors and c ...
  CLIMSAVE project Climate Change integrated assessment methodology for cross-sectoral adaptation and vulnerability in Europe
  MEDIATION project Methodology for Effective Decision-making on Impacts and Adaptation

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