This section contains general and specific outreach and dissemination material on Climate-ADAPT, with the aim to enhance the use of the platform among all real and potential users and providers of the platform, improve the uptake of the relevant knowledge and strengthen the coordination among adaptation stakeholders.


Climate-ADAPT Webinars aim at:

  • Informing about the EU Adaptation policy context in which Climate-ADAPT operates,
  • Presenting ongoing and planned development of Climate-ADAPT and collecting feedback to it
  • Improving knowledge on specific sections of Climate-ADAPT, and promoting the uptake of information, e.g.: strategic policy process, awareness raising, planning, development of guidelines, design and implementation of plans and projects, etc.
  • Stimulating participants to use Climate-ADAPT as a “first-stop shop” to showcase their innovative initiatives on climate change adaptation, thus boosting their contribution to enrich the current knowledge provided.

Please find the recordings and presentations of past webinars here  and access information on upcoming webinars here

Tutorial videos are designed to familiarise new users of Climate-ADAPT with the adaptation information available in the platform on local, national, transnational and European levels, and how this information can be used to assess impacts, vulnerability, risks and adaptation options.

Please find the recordings and presentations of past webinars here (link to the tab Past Climate-ADAPT webinars) and access information on upcoming webinars here (‘Upcomin Climate-ADAPT webinars’


A leaflet to get to know Climate-ADAPT, the platform for collecting and sharing information on climate change adaptation in Europe. Find out what you can give-and-take, but also how you can use this platform.

Postcard has been produced and can be distributed for promoting  Climate-ADAPT platform.

Collection of 10 Climate-ADAPT case studies that showcases measures that are already being carried out in Europe to increase resilience to extreme weather and slow-onset events, as well as improve adaptation to climate change.


Climate-ADAPT Performance reporting, produced with a 6-month frequency, provide overview information about the development and the performance of the platform in a factsheet format. Those facthsheets include key web statistics and information on the update of the Climate-ADAPT database with the purpose of providing compelling information to the Climate-ADAPT target audience in a clear and concise format. All of the selected key facts, and figures for the Climate-ADAPT platform are reported in a visual manner utilizing charts and images. 

Latest. Factsheet 1: Performance indicators for 2020. From 1 July to 31 December 2020