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Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in European Cities and Towns (PERFECT)


The PERFECT project will demonstrate how the multiple uses of green infrastructure (GI) can provide social, economic and environmental benefits; and it will raise awareness of this potential, to influence the policy-making process and to encourage greater investment in green infrastructure.

Within the project, adaptation to climate change is considered as one of the key benefits of GI in urban areas and integral part of the GI multi-benefit approach. PERFECT aims to:

  • spread awareness of the value of green infrastructure for the jobs and growth agenda among a wider audience;
  • identify transferable good practice;
  • improve investment and stewardship by engaging managing authorities and increasing the professional capacity of key stakeholders in delivering new projects;
  • help make places more economically, socially and environmentally viable by developing action plans to take advantage of the multiple benefits of strategic investment in green infrastructure.


The PERFECT project will work to identify the multiple benefits of green infrastructure investment through EU Structural Funds Operational Programmes and other policy instruments, in order to help formulate holistic and integrated approaches to the protection and development of the natural heritage.

The main outputs of the project will include:

  • seven action plans for new and improved green infrastructure that will maximise its multiple benefits;
  • expert papers and fact sheets;
  • guidance on green infrastructure partnership working; and
  • the MAGIC (Multi Advantages of Green Infrastructure in Cities) matrix of good practice.

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Town and Country Planning Association


Austria: Provincial Government of Styria, Department for Environment and Spatial Planning
Hungary: Social Ascention of Somogy Development, Communication and Education Nonprofit Ltd
Italy: Municipality of Ferrara
Netherlands: City of Amsterdam
Slovakia: Bratislava Karlova Ves Municipality
Slovenia: Regional Development Agency ofthe Ljubljana Urban Region
UK: Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA); Cornwall Council

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