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Bologna - Italy

Environmental Quality Unit of the City of Bologna

Main motivation for taking adaptation action

Over the last years, the city of Bologna has been affected in different ways by the impacts of climate change. Extreme weather, which causes landslides, floods, and water scarcity, poses a particularly large threat to Bologna.

Adaptation strategy

Have you already developed an adaptation strategy?
Yes, we have an adaptation strategy
Name of the strategy/ plan (If adopted)
Adaptation Strategy Plan to Climate Change
Date of strategy/plan approval
Nov 26, 2013
Summary of the strategy/plan
The Municipality of Bologna is defining its own Adaptation Plan to Climate Change through the project BLUE AP (Bologna Local Urban Environment Adaptation Plan for a Resilient City), which is a LIFE + project and was created with the objective of increasing the resilience of the Bologna area in the face of climate change. The adaptation strategy of the Municipality of Bologna integrates municipal policies and tools with other available instruments, especially with regard to water management and hydro-geological issues, where the physical size of the problems require Bologna to look beyond the administrative boundaries of the city. The socio-environmental goal is to prepare institutions and citizens to face the consequences of the climate changes more effectively, while reducing existing vulnerabilities in the Bologna area. More information about BLUE AP can be found in a case study on Climate-ADAPT.

Planned adaptation actions

Bologna's planned adaptation actions include, for example, increasing the amount of shade and green areas in the city by planting trees and reducing groundwater withdrawals, as well as improving emergency management and communication with citizens about heat waves.

Good practice / spotlight item

Operative Plan for Urban Regeneration
The Municipal Operative Plan (Piano Operativo Comunale - POC), adopted in June 2014, takes into account the objectives of increasing green spaces in urban areas and promoting urban safety in the face of extreme weather events. The plan encourages urban renewal aimed at a reduction of soil consumption and the regeneration of areas with abandoned buildings. Most of the 28 projects that constitute the POC concern the transformation of former industrial or commercial buildings. Among other environmental achievements, the plan will lead to an increase of about 17,000 square meters of public and private green areas.
An example of a small urban renewal project. A high building will replace an existing warehouse, thereby increasing permeable areas and green spaces.

Climate change impacts

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Droughts
  • Water Scarcity
  • Storms

Key vulnerable sectors

  • Urban
  • Buildings
  • Biodiversity
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Transport


Virginio Merola


387000 inhabitants

Contact person

Giovanni Fini
Coordinator Environmental Quality Unit


Mayors Adapt signatory

Date of officially joining Mayors Adapt

May 26, 2014

Last Update

Oct 18, 2016

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