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Craco - Italy

Main motivation for taking adaptation action

For Craco, it is important to find a sustainable balance between the management of urban and agricultural areas. Craco has experienced dramatic natural events (i.e. landslides) in the past 50 years that led to the transfer of the town and its people. The town was subsequently reconstructed without taking flood risk into account, so the citizens of the new town have to live with these risks.

Adaptation strategy

Have you already developed an adaptation strategy?
No, Mayors Adapt is the first example of my city considering adaptation and we will develop an adaptation strategy
Summary of the strategy/plan
Craco's only existing plan in the field of environmental sustainability is the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy (PAES), which outlines the energy policies of the city as well as actions and projects to be implemented or that have already been implemented (from 2010 to 2020). By 2020, the PAES aims to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 218.79 tons or 20% of total emissions. The integration of this plan with adaptation is one of the high-priority actions Craco intends to take with Mayors Adapt. To achieve this, an adaptation plan is being developed.

Planned adaptation actions

Craco is in the process of determining what adaptation actions are most relevant to the city and preparing for these actions to be taken, but the city has already taken action to prevent floods, capture rainwater for irrigation, and fight desertification.

Good practice / spotlight item

Monitoring Landslides • Flood Prevention • Irrigation
Craco is a test site for the monitoring of landslides. The company Craco Research Ltd (in which the town of Craco is the majority shareholder) is in the process of conducting a project on the sustainability of agricultural activities in areas affected by hydro-geological instability. Along with monitoring the groundwater level, maintenance is being conducted to improve flood prevention and rainwater collection. Rainwater will be used for irrigation of green areas and a botanical garden, which was created as part of a pilot project to fight desertification. Furthermore, the Municipal Civil Protection Plan is in the final stages of preparation and will serve as a prevention tool that could be part of the Craco's adaptation strategy in the future.
What sectors are concerned
  • Urban
  • Water management
Craco during the flooding on 1 December 2013

Climate change impacts

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Droughts
  • Flooding
  • Water Scarcity

Key vulnerable sectors

  • Urban


Dr. Lacicerchia Giuseppe


780 inhabitants

Contact person

Dr. Lacicerchia Giuseppe


Mayors Adapt signatory

Date of officially joining Mayors Adapt

Jul 05, 2014

Last Update

Sep 06, 2016

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