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Ilion - Greece

Climate change impacts

The most recent severe flooding occurred in October 2014 and 2015 and affected the property, infrastructure and transport leading to road closures and damage to homes and businesses. The main factors that deteriorate the effects of heavy precipitations are the lowland of the city, the extended network of inefficiently settled streams, the forest fires in the Prefecture of Attica, the arbitrary constructions as well as the inadequacy of rainwater drainage network.

Main motivation for taking adaptation action

In recent years, climate change has had a direct impact on the citizens’ health and safety, the economy, the natural environment and the infrastructure. Thus, it is crucial to build resilience to the effects of both the extreme temperature during summer and the intense rainfall and flooding.

Adaptation strategy

Have you already developed an adaptation strategy?
No, Mayors Adapt is the first example of my city considering adaptation and we will develop an adaptation strategy
Name of the strategy/ plan (If adopted)
Ilion‘s municipal business plan 2015 – 2019
Date of strategy/plan approval
Jan 01, 2015

Planned adaptation actions

Since flooding and extreme summer temperature are Ilion’s biggest climate threats, our adaptation action includes: the creation of a local weather monitoring network, the completion of streams’ settlement, the management of underground water and the restoration of the drainage network along with the construction of additional rainwater pipelines. In addition, Ilion has planned to extend the green infrastructure by increasing green spaces and corridors. Moreover there are a series of integrated projects related to the renovation of the urban area such as the introduction of bioclimatic architecture in urban areas and public buildings.

Good practice / spotlight item

Extension of green infrastructure

Over the last years, Ilion has noticed that summers tend to be warmer as extreme temperature are not only more intense but also more frequent than they used to be in the past. Therefore, both the citizens’ quality of life has deteriorated and the energy consumption has increased due to the intense use of air conditioning in the buildings, sometimes leading to extended power failure. In order to take adaptation measures, the municipality of Ilion has taken adaptation action related to the extension of green infrastructure. This action includes a series of integrated projects related to the renovation of the urban area and consists of the creation of green spaces and green corridors. Specifically, we have undertaken five projects related to the creation and renovation of green spaces:

  • the renovation of Rimini square in an area of 2.4 acres in the northeast part of the city,
  • the transformation of a former elementary school area into a green area of 4.2 acres in the North part of the city, named “Radiofonia”
  • the greening of a square (0.4 acres) also in the North part of the city
  • the greening of a central square of the city in an area of 3.6 acres and
  • the renovation of Petalouda square (1.6 acres) in the southern part of the city, named “Palatiani”.

Additionally, Ilion’s municipality has undertaken the construction of a network of cycle routes with green corridors. These include:

  • a green – cycle route of 1,3km along the following streets: Ektoros (from Chassias to Panagouli), Panagouli (from Achilleos to Filoktitou), Filoktitou (from Panagouli to Aiantos) and Aiantos (from Filoktitou to Vrysiidos) and
  • a green – cycle route of 1km along Thivon Avenue from Idomeneos to Ag. Nikolaou.

We believe that these projects are going to contribute to the reduction of heat stress, the improvement of air quality and the overall quality of life of Ilion's citizens.

What sectors are concerned
  • Urban
  • Buildings
  • Energy

Climate change impacts

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Storms

Key vulnerable sectors

  • Health


Nikos Zenetos


84793 inhabitants

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Andreas Michailidis
Construction Engineer


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Aug 31, 2015

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Nov 11, 2016

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