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Smolyan - Bulgaria

Adaptation strategy

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Reinforcing existing flood protection infrastructure
Smolyan has been taking adaptation action for many years. In response to flooding that caused immense damage in Smolyan's Ustovo neighbourhood in 2005, the city implemented a number of flood protection measures. Under the project, which was funded by Operational Programme Regional Development and cost 450,000 EUR, river banks were widened, 240 metres of new flood walls were built, and over 430 metres existing walls were reinforced. In addition to adaptation measures like the ones above, Smolyan has incorporated adaptation into its 7-year Municipal Development Plan that was developed in 2014.
What sectors are concerned
  • Urban
  • Water management
Ustovo during the flooding in 2005 (above). The new flood walls (right).

Climate change impacts

  • Ice and Snow
  • Flooding

Key vulnerable sectors

  • Urban
  • Buildings
  • Biodiversity
  • Water Management


Nikolay Melemov


40941 inhabitants

Contact person

Marin Zahariev
Deputy Mayor


Mayors Adapt signatory

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Aug 26, 2014

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Oct 18, 2016

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