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Valeggio sul Mincio - Italy

Main motivation for taking adaptation action

The City of Valeggio sul Mincio actively promotes initiatives related to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (Covenant of Mayors) but has also reinforced its resilience policies by joining Mayors Adapt. The city aims to raise awareness on climate change related issues that have a strong impact on Valeggio.

Adaptation strategy

Have you already developed an adaptation strategy?
We (will) integrate adaptation into existing relevant plans
Name of the strategy/ plan (If adopted)
Spatial Planning Plan (PAT - Piano di Assetto del Territorio)
Date of strategy/plan approval
Nov 21, 2013
Weblinks to relevant plans/ studies
Summary of the strategy/plan
The PAT sets out the objectives and conditions for planning interventions and the sustainability thereof. The The Spatial Planning Plan - PAT - is based on ten-year forecasts of urban development and identifies urban areas and natural habitats of the local flora and fauna that require protection or upgrading; identifies areas that could serve as parks and nature reserves; and outlines regulations affecting historical centres, protection zones, buffer zones, and agricultural areas.

Planned adaptation actions

The Strategic Environmental Assessment conducted in the frame of the PAT identifies some risks and vulnerabilities that affect the territory and defines "potential transformation areas". Through these, the city proposes changes to existing regulations to encourage, also with the participation of private parties, initiatives and ideas that develop adaptation strategies. Problems such as cloudbursts or droughts can be addressed with appropriate preventive interventions.

Good practice / spotlight item

Construction of detention basins to collect rainwater
The City of Valeggio is in the process of building detention basins for collecting rainwater and one such basin is already in operation. Such interventions aim to prevent future flooding, which is caused in part by the inability of the sewage system to deal with large amounts of water as a result of exceptional rainfall events.
What sectors are concerned
  • Urban
  • Water management
Valeggio sul Mincio
The aftermath of a cloudburst in Valeggio.

Climate change impacts

  • Droughts
  • Ice and Snow
  • Flooding
  • Storms

Key vulnerable sectors

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Biodiversity
  • Financial
  • Health


Angelo Tosoni


15090 inhabitants

Contact person

Stefano Vesentini


Mayors Adapt signatory

Date of officially joining Mayors Adapt

Sep 17, 2015

Covenant of Mayors 2020 signatory

Last Update

Feb 17, 2017

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