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Vila do Conde - Portugal

Climate change impacts

Expected temperature change of 1.99ºC. Systematic reduction in the last four decades of rainfall in the spring (statistically substantial).

Main motivation for taking adaptation action

Vila do Conde has decided to take adaptation action to increase local resilience to a changing climate and reduce the potential impacts on natural and cultural heritage as well as infrastructures.

Adaptation strategy

Have you already developed an adaptation strategy?
We (will) integrate adaptation into existing relevant plans
Name of the strategy/ plan (If adopted)
Municipal Emergency Plan of Civil Protection
Date of strategy/plan approval
Nov 11, 2014
Summary of the strategy/plan
Vila do Conde is a coastal municipality located in the Norte Region of Portugal and is anticipating that strategic sectors of the municipality will be impacted by climate change. In response to and preparation for these impacts, Vila do Conde developed a Municipal Emergency Plan of Civil Protection. This Plan prepares the city to tackle the many serious accidents or disasters that could occur in the municipality and outlines the appropriate procedures for the various civil protection agencies.

Planned adaptation actions

Some of the adaptation actions Vila do Conde has planned include acquiring vehicles and protective equipment for municipal authorities, conducting awareness raising campaigns, constructing and maintaining forest roads, and reforesting previously burned out areas. Some other adaptation actions contained in the strategic Plan include facilitating maximum infiltration of rainwater in new urban areas; maintaining wetlands, estuaries, and lagoons in as close to a natural state as possible; and preventing salt water intrusion by controlling groundwater extraction on the coast.

Good practice / spotlight item

Protection and restoration of coastal dunes
The coastal area of Vila do Conde is 8,5 Km in length and highly vulnerable to climate risks, such as sea level rise and extreme weather events, which can cause severe harm to people, property, and the local flora and fauna. In order to adapt the area to climate change, containment palisades and walkways have been fitted to the dunes and invasive species have been removed. This project facilitates the protection of the coastal zone, restoration of the dunes, and enables visitors to fully enjoy the area without compromising its ecological system.
Vila do Conde
Vila do Conde has installed walkways along the dunes to protect the local flora and fauna.

Climate change impacts

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Flooding
  • Storms

Key vulnerable sectors

  • Urban
  • Biodiversity
  • Financial
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Forestry
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Water Management
  • Coastal areas
  • Transport


Elisa Ferraz


79533 inhabitants

Contact person

Joaquim Ponte
Environmental Engineer


Mayors Adapt signatory

Date of officially joining Mayors Adapt

Sep 29, 2014

Last Update

Oct 18, 2016

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