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EU Adaptation Reporting (MMR)

The 2014 European Union Greenhouse gas Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR)  sets the EU's own internal reporting rules on the basis of internationally agreed obligations.

The MMR tracks low carbon development strategies, greenhouse gas inventories, registries and financial and technology support provided, in addition to adaptation to climate change. Article 15 of the MMR focuses on ‘reporting on national adaptation actions’ and requires specifically that “[…] Member States shall report to the Commission information on their national adaptation planning and strategies, outlining their implemented or planned actions to facilitate adaptation to climate change. That information shall include the main objectives and the climate change impact category addressed, such as flooding, sea level rise, extreme temperatures, droughts, and other extreme weather events.”

The first MMR Art. 15 reporting took place in 2015, and the second and last one is foreseen in 2019.  Information provided by Member States in this reporting is presented in the country pages of Climate-ADAPT. On a voluntary basis, and on the initiative of Member States, countries can update this information so that it better reflects recently adopted work by resubmitting the reported information. For most countries this task was carried out in 2016, at the start of the Evaluation of the EU Adaptation Strategy.

The Energy Union Governance Regulation will repeal the MMR.