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Indicators in Climate-ADAPT

This section presents selected indicators that describe observed and projected climate change and its impacts in Europe.

Climate-ADAPT currently includes indicators from three sources:

  • EEA indicators cover a wide range of aspects related to climate change and its impacts in Europe. Most of these indicators were included in the EEA Report Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2016, but many of them have been updated since the publication of this report. All these indicators are available on the EEA website. EEA indicators will be progressively replaced by indicators from other sources.
  • Lancet Countdown indicators focus on the relationship between climate change and human health. They are adapted from the extensive global Lancet Countdown indicator set for application in Europe. Further Lancet Countdown indicators are expected to be added during 2021. These indicators are also available in the European Climate and Health Observatory.
  • Copernicus climate indices visualize data from the Climate Data Store of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). These climate indices are also accessible in the European Climate Data Explorer

The indicators presented here have different policy purposes, from providing background information on global climate change to assessing climate impacts and identifying adaptation needs at the regional level.

Most indicators cover all 32 member countries of the EEA, and some also cover the 6 EEA cooperating counties. The UK is covered in indicators updated before February 2020. For some indicators, Europe-wide data were not available, so these indicators present information for fewer countries.

Lancet Countdown indicators

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