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Identifying adaptation options

Collect appropriate adaptation options given your area´s main concerns

This compilation should focus on adaptation options which are able to accommodate the relevant main concerns that have been identified for the country. Adaptation options can be retrieved from literature review and databases, from scientific experts and/or colleagues from other authorities as well as through stakeholder involvement. The collection shall encompass a wide spectrum of adaptation options, including technological, informational, organizational, behavioural, ecosystem based and socio‐economic options at all levels, sectoral as well as cross‐sectoral.

What adaptation options are available?

The adaptation options available to you will depend on a number of inter-related factors. The list on this page shows the 10 most popular adaptation options recommended by users of CLIMATE-ADAPT. You can narrow down the list of options that are displayed by selecting a specific climate impact and / or adaptation sector of your interest.

To look up impact and sector specific adaptation options please use the dropdown boxes below.

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