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Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (2002)


The Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med) is a Regional Water Partnership of the Global Water Partnership (GWP). GWP-Med, in its present form, was created in 2002 and it is the successor partnership to the Mediterranean Technical Advisory Committee of GWP (MEDTAC). GWP-Med is a platform bringing together competent organisations working regularly on water issues in the Mediterranean region. Its members may come from all over the Mediterranean and beyond. GWP-Med represents the Global Water Partnership in the Mediterranean, and as such has the responsibility of implementing its principles and initiatives in the region. GWP-Med's goal is to promote and exchange knowledge on IWRM for the sustainable use of the region’s water resources. To achieve its goal, GWP-Med : Promotes and sustains a strong partnership in the Mediterranean among competent organisations that have an impact on water management. Makes the principles of sustainable use and integrated management of water resources (IWRM) widely known, recognised and applied by countries and all other stakeholders in the Mediterranean, through appropriate mechanisms for sharing information and experience. Supports exemplary actions at local, national and regional level that demonstrate the value applicability and positive impact of the above principles. Seeks and facilitates the appropriate international funding and involvement of international institutions for activities promoting IWRM. Introduces, helps to implement and adapts to the specificities of the Mediterranean region, global initiatives launched or adopted by the GWP.

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Global Water Partnership Mediterranean


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