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SIC adapt! - Knowledge Platform (2011)


SIC adapt! is a Strategic Initiative Cluster (SIC) of the INTERREG IV B North West Europe (NWE) Programme dealing with adaptation to the impacts of climate change. Eight approved transnational projects originating from seven Member States of the NWE Programme with around 100 partner organisations are involved joining public authorities from all levels, scientific institutions, non profit and private organisations. Outputs:
1. Adaptation tools and measures: Enhance the outcomes of the cluster projects on adaptation measures and assessment tools by capitalising on the extensive knowledge base available from the 100 project partners
2. Policy recommendation and mainstreaming: Improve the impact of the projects’ outcomes for NWE and beyond by drawing key policy messages for EU, national and regional level on the basis of joint findings of the cluster projects and foster integration of adaptation into policies, programmes and planning
3. Communication and dissemination: Communicate the strategically relevant results and interim results of the cluster and the cluster projects with EU-policy makers, EU-research institutes, relevant national policy makers, other INTERREG programmes and strategic initiatives (see target groups).

You can find all findings and results here:

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Adaptation tools and measures, Awareness raising, Cluster Expert Board, Knowledge platform, Network project, Policy recommendations, Regional development, Territorial cooperation

Climate impacts

Droughts, Extreme Temperatures, Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Storms, Water Scarcity


Sector Policies, Adaptation Measures and Actions, Adaptation Plans and Strategies, Vulnerability Assessment


Agriculture, Biodiversity, Buildings, Coastal areas, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy, Forestry, Urban, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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