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Responding to the risks from climate change (LIFE RESPONSE)


The RESPONSE Project publications can assist organisations managing the coastline in assessing and prioritising the risks arising from climate change impacts and to inform the planning process.

The RESPONSE Project demonstrated regional-scale mapping of coastal evolution and risks, taking account of the impacts of climate change. It also examined the current and future costs of coastal natural hazards, to encourage cost-effective solutions. Issues addressed by the RESPONSE Project include:

1) The impacts of climate change for coastal communities;
2) Erosion, landsliding and flooding hazards now and in the future;
3) Identifying areas of increasing risk;
4) Advising decision-makers on managing coastal and climate change.

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Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, UK


Nine Partner organisations in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Poland have participated in the project:

1) Isle of Wight Centre for the Coastal Environment, Isle of Wight Council, (UK);

2) Instituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica (IRPI), Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerche (CNR), Perugia (IT);

3) Bureau de Recherches Gèologiques et Minieres (FR);

4) Regione Marche, Autorità di Bacino Regionale (IT);

5) Provincia di Macerata (IT);

6) Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino (IT);

7) Scarborough Borough Council (UK);

8) Maritime Office in Gdynia (Urzad Morski w Gdyni), (PL);

9) SCOPAC Regional Coastal Group, Central-southern coast of England, (UK)

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