The Vibrio suitability tool (Vibrio map viewer) shows the environmental suitability for Vibrio growth in the Baltic Sea. It is a near real-time model that uses daily updated remote sensing data to examine worldwide environmental conditions, such as sea surface temperature and salinity for Vibrio spp.. The model used for the Vibrio viewer has been calibrated to the Baltic Region in Northern Europe and might not apply to other worldwide settings prior to validation.

Infections caused by Vibrio species other than V. cholerae can be serious, particularly for immunocompromised persons. However, the overall occurrence is low despite an increase having recently been observed in northern Europe.

ECDC monitors Vibrio growth in the Baltic Sea during the summer. If and when the risk of Vibrio growth is determined as medium or above, notifications are reported in the weekly threats reports (CDTR). The original viewer is available on the ECDC website:

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