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Latest modifications on Climate-ADAPT

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Adapting to Climate Change

This briefing by the British National Audit Office (NAO) is in response to a request from the Environmental Audit Committee to provide an overview of government policy on adapting to climate change, including the implications of the Climate Change Act 2008 and the cross-government Adapting to Climate Change Programme, and progress across government Departments in identifying and managing risks from future climate change impacts. It presents Departments’ self-assessments of their current capacity to assess and manage these risks, using a framework for effective climate change risk management developed by the NAO for the purposes of this briefing

Climate Change Outreach and Communication Guide

The Outreach and Communications Guide is a tool to help local governments effectively communicate climate information to their constituencies. The Guide contains an array of steps and methodologies for communication and outreach efforts, as well as a compilation of best practices from around the United States

Landscape revitalisation and integrated river basin management programme

The content of the programme is to create, activate and develop the long-term prerequisites necessary for the social utility and the effective macroeconomic function of a complex and integrated system of measures to assure flood prevention along with a decrease in flood risks, the risk of drought and other risks of extreme natural events. International best practices for flood prevention pursuant to European experts are based on a three-level approach with the following progression: (i) First harvesting rain water at the site or place where it falls – retaining (ii) Then retention and accumulation of the rain water in the landscape – storing (iii) Finally draining off the portion of the rain water that the river basin/area/landscape did not absorb in the previous step – draining This approach also defines the main aims and priorities of the programme: storing rain water in the landscape, slowing its drainage and allowing it to be absorbed as well as revitalisation and restoration of damaged landscapes/areas/river basins

Baltadapt Strategy for adaptation to climate change in the Baltic Sea region. A proposal preparing the ground for political endorsement throughout the Baltic Sea region

The overriding aim of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) strategy for adaptation to climate is a connected region with informed actors on all levels responding to climate change in a way that ensures prosperity, competiveness, as well as clean water, and rich and healthy wildlife. The strategy aims to ensure that the region can adapt to climate change in an integrated way, with consideration to prosperity, competiveness, risk handling, and resilience of environmental systems and societies

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) is a joint project of the non-profit organization EcoAdapt and the publishing company Island Press . It is aimed at building a shared knowledge base for managing natural systems in the face of rapid climate change and it is intended to help build a community of practice

Adaptation challenges and opportunities for the European energy system

This report analyses the needs for climate change adaptation and climate resilience in Europe’s energy system now and in the future, and supports the clean energy transition, which involves a massive expansion of renewable energy sources, many of which are sensitive to climate factors.

Vector-borne diseases and climate change: a European perspective

The transmission of a wide range of vector-borne diseases in Europe was already impacted by climate change and it will continue to do so in the decades to come. Observed shift of ticks to elevated altitudes and latitudes showcases the changing climate already today.

EAN - European Aeroallergen Network

The ENA database is the world´s largest, non-commercial pollen database provides long-time data series, tools as well as basic data for pollen information services, EU projects and scientific studies.

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