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Latest news and events on Climate-ADAPT

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2022 IANPHI Annual Meeting | Pandemics, Conflicts, Climate Change: New Roles and Challenges for National Public Health Institutes Nov 30, 2022 to Dec 02, 2022 Stockholm, Sweden & partly online,

Different crises, including the climate crisis, have consequences on national and global economies and on food security, with an effect on populations’ health and wellbeing, often exacerbating health inequalities. IANPHI has examined the impact with initiatives such as the IANPHI Roadmap for Action on Health and Climate Change. To address populations’ new health needs and support decision-making to protect human health, NPHIs have to go through a transformation, based on the lessons learned from the different crises.

EMECS' 11 Seacoasts XXVI Aug 22, 2016 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM St. Petersburg, Russia,

Tema della conferenza: Gestire i rischi per le regioni costiere e le comunità in un mondo che cambia.

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