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New European climate law creates 'duty to adapt'

In June 2021, the Council of the EU adopted the new European climate law. It sets into legislation the objective of a climate-neutral EU by 2050. It also requires EU institutions to ‘ensure continuous progress in enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change’, thereby making adaptation a legal requirement for the EU for the first time.

Global campaign to catalyze resilient action: Cities Race to Resilience

The Race to Resilience is a global campaign run by the COP26 Presidency and High-Level Climate Champions to rally leadership and support from cities, regions, businesses and investors to help frontline communities build resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The Race to Resilience aims to catalyse action by non-state actors to build the resilience of 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities to climate risks.

European Commission proposes new strategy to protect and restore EU forests

With the adoption of the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030, a flagship initiative of the European Green Deal that builds on the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, the EU is proposing a new strategy that contributes to the ‘Fitfor55’ package of measures proposed to achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions. Forests are a natural ally in adapting to and fighting against climate change and biodiversity loss, and will play a vital role in making Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050.

Fit for 55 Package turns EU's climate target into climate action

The European Commission has released the “Fit for 55” package, a suite of measures that will underpin the European Union’s efforts to reach its pledge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 55% from 1990 levels by 2030. Part of the larger EU Green Deal, the package includes policy proposals that define the pathway for the EU's ambition to fulfil its contribution under the Paris Agreement. It includes all elements of the Green Deal including the new EU's Climate Adaptation Strategy. It is the Commission's proposal for the legislative tools to deliver on the targets agreed in the European Climate Law.

Accounting for ecosystems and their services in the European Union

A new report shows that EU’s ecosystems generated an annual flow of selected seven ecosystem services at the value of € 172 billion. Restoring degraded ecosystems, which helps climate regulation and in protection against natural disasters, has the potential to double nature’s contribution to the EU economy.

Disaster Research Days 2021 Oct 12, 2021 to Oct 13, 2021 Innsbruck, Austria,

The conference carried out as a webinar series organised by the Disaster Competence Network Austria (DCNA) supports the dialogue and the networking between the individual scientific disciplines and departments in disaster management. It covers climate change related impacts such as extreme weather events and floods, as well as the protection of critical infrastructure and discusses various methods of disaster management.

Report shows uneven impacts of climate change for the EU financial sector

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) have published the “Climate-related risk and financial stability”, a report that maps out prospective financial stability risks and establishes a detailed topology of physical and transition risks arising from climate change across regions, sectors and firms.

Fifty cities commit to going above and beyond for the environment

The European Commission’s Green City Accord has hit a milestone number of cities willing to adopt even more ambitious environmental protection targets. Alba Iulia (Romania), Košice (Slovakia) and Grenoble (France), the European Green Capital 2022, all made their commitment official. These cities join other signatories in setting ambitious targets to tackle pollution, protect nature and biodiversity, and to support the circular economy and local climate adaptation actions.

Citizen support for climate action

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, Europeans remain very concerned about climate change and support action across the EU to tackle it, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey by the European Commission. European citizens now identify climate change as the single most serious problem facing the world. A majority of the respondents agrees that adapting to the adverse impacts of climate change can have positive outcomes for citizens in the EU.

Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022 published

The European Commission adopted the Work Programme 2021-2022 of the new EU framework programme for research and innovation Horizon Europe. Compared to Horizon 2020, the basic structure of the individual work programs has changed to a breakdown into 'destinations', 'calls' and 'topics'.

Natur’Adapt initiative Workshop Jul 13, 2021 from 09:30 AM to 11:00 AM Online,

Participative workshop to kick start a dialogue on how to collectively accelerate the transition towards a nature-inclusive and climate-resilient society.

Daring Cities 2021 - Global Virtual Forum Oct 04, 2021 to Oct 08, 2021 online,

Daring Cities is designed to empower urban leaders – such as mayors, city councilors, administrators, and urban thought leaders, as well as civil society decision-makers and community organizers – to tackle the climate emergency, inlcuding approaches on adaptation to climate change.

New Horizon 2020 project advances our understanding of polar processes in the global climate system

The Climate Relevant Interactions and Feedbacks project (CRiceS), will contribute to a more precise understanding of the ocean-ice-snow-atmosphere system to deliver improved models that describe polar and global climate. The CRiceS project brings together 21 international research teams, from Europe, Canada, South Africa, India and Russia, at the forefront of polar and global climate research.

Cities play pivotal roles in shifting to green, sustainable future

European cities have the potential to lead the way towards a green, sustainable future, according to two assessments on urban environmental change, published in an European Environment Agency (EEA) briefing. These include tackling the health impacts of the pandemic, dealing with the climate and ecological emergency, and addressing social and economic inequalities.

Closing the climate protection gap – Commission Staff Working Document

The European Commission Staff Working Document 'Closing the Climate Protection Gap - Scoping policy and data gaps' is part of the knowledge base underpinning the 2021 EU Climate Adaptation Strategy, and some of the measures to close the climate protection gap that will be undertaken in the context of the upcoming Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy. It may be relevant for other policy- and decision-makers on adaptation issues at national, regional and local level.

European Council endorses new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change

The Council of the European Union approved conclusions endorsing a new strategy that outlines a long-term vision for the EU to become a climate-resilient society that is fully adapted to the unavoidable impacts of climate change by 2050. The Council supports the strategy’s focus on better gathering and sharing data to improve access to and exchange of knowledge on climate impacts and adaptation, including by enhancing the Climate-ADAPT platform.

INFORM Risk in IMF’s new climate change indicators dashboard

The IMF’s new Climate Change Indicators Dashboard (CID) was launched on 7th April 2021. Climate-related INFORM Risk was used for physical risk indicators. The Dashboard is an international statistical initiative to address the growing need for data in macroeconomic and financial policy analysis to facilitate climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Dashboard is a single platform that brings together experimental climate change indicators that allows comparison across countries.

On the road to increased environment and climate capacity in the Turkish health sector

Members of the Turkish Health Collaboration on Climate Change and Environment Project have established the working group Climate Change & Health. With a webinar on heatwaves and health, one of the key climate themes to Turkish health participants was presented. Further webinars and materials will be launched in the next months, including an interdisciplinary briefing.

14th European Public Health Conference 2021 Nov 10, 2021 to Nov 12, 2021 Online,

The topic of the 14th edition is about public health futures in a changing world. Plenary 5 is about climate change, justice and public health – a triple role, organised by EuroHealthNet.

Health Leadership on the Road to COP26 Jun 10, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

The Initiative on Climate Resilient and Low Carbon Sustainable Health Systems was recently launched by Fiji, the Adaptation Action Coalition, the United Kingdom and Spain. The aim of the webinar is to introduce and provide information on the Initiative, and the specific commitments the COP26 team is expecting from countries to strengthen climate resilience and environmental sustainability of their health systems. You can register for a session in the morning, or for the afternoon.

Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment provides information on climate change and health

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) provides information about the health effects of a changing climate, measures to combat climate change and measures to limit the effects of climate change. Moreover RIVM outlines policy options and makes data and instruments available to help governments with integrated assessments regarding climate, health and environmental policies.

ISIpedia Eastern European Workshop Jun 23, 2021 09:00 AM to Jun 24, 2021 12:30 PM Online, Zoom,

Virtual workshop aiming to explore the applicability of available climate impact information tools to national-level decision-making realities, with particular focus on Eastern Europe in the context of the European Green Deal. It will include a policy simulation, a presentation of climate impact information tools for policy makers. Registration and programme available on the left side of the ISIpedia homepage.

The participatory process of the Pyrenean climate change strategy gets launched

The future Pyrenean Climate Change Adaptation Strategy will be the first of its kind in Europe, with a transboundary nature that addresses the climate challenges of the bioregion in a cross-cutting manner. During a participatory process, several trans-Pyrenean thematic workshops will be held to come up to a complete document in early autumn 2021.

Climate-ADAPT webinar: Aligning Climate-ADAPT with the 2021 EU Adaptation Policy Context Jun 17, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM webinar,

The aim of the Climate-ADAPT webinar is about informing and presenting the Climate-ADAPT platform in regard of the new EU Adaptation Policy context, by showcasing new and extended webpages and features: EU Policy landing pages, Climate Services page, and the recently launched European Climate Data Explorer, and Health Observatory.

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