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European Commission Directorate-General for Agriculture and rural development


The European Commission's Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development is based in Brussels under the authority of Commissioner Dacian CIOLOŞ. With a staff of about 1000 and led by Director-General José Manuel SILVA RODRIGUEZ, it is responsible for the implementation of agriculture and rural development policy, the latter being managed in conjunction with the other DGs which deal with structural policies. It is made up of 13 Directorates dealing with all aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) including farm support, market measures, rural development policy, quality policy, financial and legal matters, analysis and evaluation as well as international relations relating to agriculture.

In April 2009, the European Commission presented a White Paper laying out a European framework for action to improve Europe's resilience to climate change, emphasising the need to integrate adaptation into all key European policies and enhance co-operation at all levels of governance. Complementing the White Paper, the report "Adapting to climate change: the challenge for European agriculture and rural areas" summarises the main impacts of climate change on EU agriculture, examines adaptation needs, describes the implications for the CAP and explores possible orientations for future action. It aims at further engaging Member States and the farming community into a debate and action on adaptation needs that result from climate pressures.

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