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The Urban Adaptation Support Tool - Getting started

Urban areas in Europe and worldwide are increasingly experiencing the pressures arising from climate change and are projected to face aggravated climate-related impacts in the future. Cities and towns play a significant role in the adaptation to climate change in the EU, which has been recognised by the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change. Several cities and towns across Europe are already pioneering adaptation action and many others are taking first steps to ensure that European cities remain safe, liveable and attractive centres for innovation, economic activities, culture and social life.

To support adaptation action in European cities and towns the European Commission has launched Mayors Adapt - the Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation.  The initiative aims to increase support for local adaptation activities and the Urban Adaptation Support Tool has been developed as practical guidance and knowledge support tool for Mayors Adapt signatories and any other interested cities, towns or stakeholders in Europe and beyond. The tool  provides urban adaptation decision-makers, practitioners and interested stakeholders with a quick-start step-by-step guidance through the adaptation planning and implementation cycles. It facilitates easy access to in-depth, expert information and data by providing a comprehensive up-to-date database of literature and information sources for each step of the urban adaptation cycle.

The Urban Adaptation Support Tool complements the support and guidance on urban adaptation that is provided by EU Member States at the national level and is of special importance for urban areas in those countries, where national level tools and support are currently lacking or under development.
The Urban Adaptation Support Tool is dynamic and constantly evolving, based on users' needs and feedback. It has been created through a stakeholder consultation process and aims to develop further in line with user needs. Therefore your comments and suggestions are important and very welcome. You can leave us your feedback by following the ‘comments and suggestions' button on any page of the tool.