• Case Study

    White roof, innovative solar shadings and bioclimatic design in Madrid

    Climate change impacts which are expected to be very relevant for the Madrid region include extreme heat in summer, water scarcity and sometimes, heavy rainfall.

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  • Ace Item

    Overview of CAP Reform 2014-2020

    The new agreement on CAP reform reached in 2013 is historic since for the first time the entire CAP was reviewed all at once and the European Parliament acted as colegislator with the Council.

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  • Events

    First Baltic Earth Conference: Multiple drivers for Earth system changes in the Baltic Sea region

    The scope of this first Baltic Earth Conference is to describe the different factors for change, their impacts on the Earth system of the Baltic Sea region, and to demonstrate the capacity to model any of these factors in a single or a coupled approach.

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  • Mayors Adapt

    Mayors Adapt: Promoting urban leadership in adaptation to climate change

    The Covenant of Mayors Initiative on Climate Change Adaptation has been set up by the European Commission to engage cities in taking action on climate change adaptation.

    The initiative, provides a platform for supporting adaptation, networking and public awareness at the local level where the impacts of climate change will be felt the most.

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