• About Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

    About Climate Change Adaptation in Europe

    The European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change. It is an initiative of the European Commission and helps users to access and share information on:

    • Expected climate change in Europe
    • Current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors
    • National and transnational adaptation strategies
    • Adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options
    • Tools that support adaptation planning

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    Assessing the Potential for a Comprehensive Community Strategy for the prevention of Natural and Manmade Disasters

    The purpose of this study is to provide the Commission with a critical analysis and recommendations which will enable it • to assess the need and potential added-value of a comprehensive Community multi-hazard strategy on disaster prevention within the EU; • to identify the potential basic requirements of such a strategy; and • to suggest possible policy options.

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