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This portal is a Community of Practice to support adaptation to climate change. Adaptation is still relatively new as a policy or management field, but very dynamic. In light of the impacts from climate change that are already being experienced and those expected to come, some form of a response is a bare necessity. Over the last decade, many countries have developed strategies and policies to address adaptation. Practical experiences are starting to become available. This calls for learning from each other – especially exchange of knowledge across countries and regions. To this end, offers:
- Knowledge: an inventory of methods for adaptation to climate change with examples of practical application in the form of Method Briefs and webinars;
- Community: a platform for exchange among practitioners such as decision-makers, planners and advisors on adaptation to climate change, particularly in the global South through webinars and an password-protected area for exchanging ideas (registration required). addresses priorities and builds on practical experiences of adaptation decision-makers from many of the world’s countries, particularly India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Tunisia, South Africa, Grenada and Germany, which are all partner countries of the Inventory of Methods for Adaptation to Climate Change (IMACC) project.

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climate information, climate services, exchange, knowledge, monitoring and evaluation

Climate impacts

Extreme Temperatures, Water Scarcity, Sea Level Rise, Droughts


Vulnerability Assessment, Adaptation Measures and Actions


Agriculture, Coastal areas, Forestry, Water management

Geographic characterisation


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