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  • Costs of adaptation to climate change – assessing the public budgets in Austria


    The project PACINAS (Public adaptation – Investigating the Austrian adaptation strategy) addresses the costs of adaptation to climate change for the public budget at the federal, provincial and city level in Austria. The project developed two costing methodologies to estimate adaptation relevant expenditures in the current budget and to assess possible future developments (adaptation pathways). One key finding is that current adaptation costs are 8% of the relevant federal budget positions (agriculture, forestry, water, transport, environment) in 2014.

  • Toolbox for an economic assessment of adaptation


    This EU FP7 ECONADAPT research project toolbox provides easy accessible information on the economic assessment of adaptation and converting this into practical information for decision makers.

  • Science report for disaster risk management published


    The EU Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre has produced its first flagship science report "Science for disaster risk management 2017: knowing better and losing less", addressing the multi-risk impacts of natural and human-induced hazards.

  • Urban Water Atlas for Europe - 360° view on water management in cities


    The recently published Urban Water Atlas shows how different water management choices, as well as other factors such as climate change, affect the long-term sustainability of water use in the European cities.

  • Alpine fauna and flora need ecological connectivity to face climate change


    The Ecological Connectivity Platform of the Alpine Convention has released a statement emphasizing the need for ecological corridors or “stepping stones” between protected areas, in order for populations to adapt to the habitat shifts caused by climate change.

  • Open European Day 2017 about innovation, co-creation and transformation in resilient cities held in Bonn


    The fourth edition of the Open European Day at the Bonn Resilient Cities Conference, organised by ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) and co-organised by RESIN and PLACARD projects, brought together more than 130 participants representing European municipalities, urban adaptation experts, adaptation funding providers, policy-makers, academia and the private sector.

  • LIFE LOCAL ADAPT: Integration of climate change adaptation into the work of local authorities


    Within the LIFE LOCAL ADAPT project, six partners from four countries (Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic and Latvia) will identify and test different approaches to support small and medium sized municipalities to cope with the expected impacts of future climate change.

  • New French national warning tool against flash floods for local authorities


    The French government has recently launched the Vigicrues Flash and integrated and improved the AIGA method (Adapting Geographical Information for Flood Alerts). This new warning system is capable of monitoring 13,000 river segments across the French mainland; over 30,000 km of rivers spread across 10,000 municipalities.

  • New report on nature-based solutions to promote climate resilience in urban areas


    The report “Nature-based solutions to promote climate resilience in urban areas - developing an impact evaluation framework" explores the dimensions of impact that projects may have when implemented at different scales in urban areas.

  • New EEA report on Financing urban adaptation to climate change


    A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report highlights the opportunities open to municipalities to share best practices and how they can support projects like green roofs or expanding city parks to help alleviate the negative effects of climate change.