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  • Climate change shifts timing of European floods


    A linkage between climate change and floods has been identified using a new international river flow dataset. This is the first time this link has been demonstrated at a continental scale using observational data.

  • Europe to be hit hard by climate-related disasters in the future


    Weather- and climate-related disasters could affect around two-thirds of the European population annually by the end of this century. This could result in a 50-fold increase in fatalities compared to today if no measures are taken.

  • Public consultation on Italian National Adaptation Plan to climate change started


    The Italian Ministry of the Environment calls on its website citizens and institutions, research institutes, associations and more in general all the relevant stakeholders to have a discussion on the text in preparation of the final version of this document.

  • Rainbo: new LIFE project on improving resilience of small water courses in Bologna


    New LIFE Climate Change Adaptation project launched to develop and improve methods and tools for predicting severe rainfall events and impact on the hydrologic response of the small water courses within the urban area of Bologna, Italy.

  • Extreme weather conditions and climate anomalies account for 40% of global wheat production variability


    Scientists have proposed a new approach for identifying the impacts of climate change and extreme weather on the variability of global and regional wheat production. The study analyzed the effect of heat and water anomalies on crop losses over a 30-year period.

  • EEA briefing on financing climate change mitigation and adaptation


    This EEA briefing ‘Financing Europe’s low carbon, climate resilient future’ analyses a Europe-wide stocktaking to capture the current status of climate finance tracking across the EEA’s 33 member countries, with the main focus to identify data and knowledge gaps involved in tracking domestic climate finance.

  • New project launched on the contribution to strategies and plans on climate change adaptation in the Alpine area


    This EU Interreg project Go Apply (Multidimensional Governance of Climate Change Adaptation in Policy Making and Practice in the Alpine Space) will contribute to the integration and development of national strategies and action plans on climate change adaptation in the Alpine Space. It will also builds on an existing network of the national authorities responsible for climate adaptation policy-making in seven Alpine countries.

  • GROW GREEN: new partnership to demonstrate benefits of nature-based solutions in cities


    Innovation will be the focus of GROW GREEN (Green Cities for Climate and Water Resilience, Sustainable Economic Growth, Healthy Citizens and Environments). This new five-year H2020 demonstration project aims to achieve climate and water resilience in cities.

  • EEA report released on the Arctic environment: European perspectives on a changing Arctic


    The Arctic region is warming at a rate of almost twice the global average, resulting in profound and rapid changes in its living conditions and the environment. This new European Environment Agency report looks at how the rest of Europe affects the Arctic environment and how changes in the region impact Europe in return.

  • Master plan for heat waves developed by German Environment Agency


    The Master plan compiled recommendations for action to help state and local authorities draw up heat action plans to protect human health.