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  • Alpen-Forum-Innsbruck: awareness-rising events by the Alpine Convention


    The Alpen-Forum-Innsbruck, carried out since 2015, is a joint initiative of several research institutions and the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention with the aim to provide a forum for public information and discussion to address the issue of climate change in the Alpine region. As one of the 2016 topics farmers, scientists and decision-makers debated with the public on ways Alpine farmers are adapting to temperature increase and dryer summers.

  • Atlas of Vulnerability and Resilience


    This atlas aims at supporting knowledge sharing on the field of vulnerability and resilience research. The atlas is an overview on studies on different aspects of vulnerability and resilience and covers the area of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

  • New service for climate-change adaptation in water management: SWICCA C3S


    SWICCA, one of the Sectoral Information System proof-of-concept projects of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), offers data and guidance for climate impact assessments in the water management in Europe.

  • Project started on climate change analysis in the Pyrenees: CLIMPY


    On 22 September 2016 the CLIMPY 'Characterization of the evolution of the climate and supply of information for adaptation in the Pyrenees' project was launched. The objective is to analyze the recent temperature, precipitation and snow trends in the Pyrenean.

  • Copenhagen and Paris one of the winners C40 Cities Award for adaptation actions


    The 2016 C40 Cities Award has been awarded to Copenhagen and Paris for their protection and action plans aiming at preventing flooding and other extreme events. In total 11 World Cities have been awarded.

  • European survey on user requirements of climate information and impact indicators


    The SECTEUR project is engaging with organisations across Europe to learn about their needs with regard to climate information. These findings will help to inform the development of the new Copernicus Climate Change Service which aims to provide free climate information at the European level by 2018.

  • Adaptation Futures 2016 Conference: presentations and videos available


    Adaptation Futures 2016, a full house in Rotterdam (NL) with over 1600 people participating from more than 100 countries. People from the business community, governments and non-governmental organisations, scientists and practitioners have listened to hundreds of presentations and tens of poster presentations. These are online available and you can watch some videos of the plenary speakers.

  • Renewed Norwegian Climate Change Adaptation Portal:


    This web portal, re-launched on 2 May 2016, has a strong focus on targeting the content for planners and decisions makers in Norway, by contributing with knowledge, guidance and sharing of experiences of climate change adaptation.