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  • Cooler microclimate in cities with green tracks


    Grass tracks beds for trams create more green surfaces in the urban environment. They also contribute to a cooler microclimate and a small retarding basin for rain. The Swedish municipalities Norrkoping and Gothenburg have invested in green tracks.

  • Swedish cloudburst road prevents properties


    With the help of a newly constructed cloudburst road, the risk of flooding is much lower in the Swedish municipality of Karlstad. The V-shaped road leads water away in the event of torrential rain, in order to prevent properties along the street being flooded.

  • New EEA report on Financing urban adaptation to climate change


    A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report highlights the opportunities open to municipalities to share best practices and how they can support projects like green roofs or expanding city parks to help alleviate the negative effects of climate change.

  • Less snow and a shorter ski season in the Alps


    A new research shows that the Alps could lose as much as 70% of snow cover by the end of this century. However, if humans manage to keep global warming below 2°C, the snow-cover reduction would be limited to 30% by 2100.