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Transnational regions and other regions and countries

There are 12 regions in Europe for transnational co-operation. In addition, specific EU agreed strategies exist for four macro-national regions: Baltic Sea, Danube, Alpine, and Adriatic and Ionian regions. This section provides information on strategies and actions that have been developed or are currently under development for the EU transnational regions and for other regions and countries.

How to use the map?
The map shows the transnational regions situated in Europe defined in the co-operation programmes for 2014-2020. You can select transnational regions by clicking on the map. If you select an area that belongs to more than one region, the pop-up window will show all the regions where the area is located. The pop-up window also shows the countries where each region is located.

To go to one of the regions' pages, choose in the drop-down list, click on the legend, or make use of the link shown in the tooltip.

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