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Countries, regions and cities

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Transnational Regions and other regions
There are 12 regions for transnational co-operation in Europe. In addition, specific EU-agreed strategies exist for four macro-national regions (Baltic Sea, Danube, Alpine, and Adriatic and Ionian).

This section provides map-based overview information on strategies and actions related to adaptation that have been developed or are currently under development for the EU transnational regions and for other regions and countries as well as for the individual regions.


All countries in Europe are at different stages of preparing, developing and implementing national adaptation strategies. The country information section provides map-based EU overview information on the current state of national adaptation planning and strategies for countries as well as information for each individual country. The information is based on the reporting according to the Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 525/2013; MMR) and voluntary submissions by EEA member countries.


Cities are particularly vulnerable to climate change and share many adaptation challenges. This section provides access to information about climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation options for cities.

The section provides information on the strategies and actions that have been developed or are currently under development by various actors at different levels of governance.

As a city specific action of the EU Adaptation Strategy, the European Commission has initiated the Mayors Adapt initiative to foster urban adaptation at the local level.  In October 2015, the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy,  the new joint umbrella initiative of Mayors Adapt and the Covenant of Mayors was launched.