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One or more assessments reported

No assessments reported

Outside EEA coverage

No data reported in 2021

Adaptation portal or platform reported

No portal or platform reported

No data reported in 2023

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National adaptation policy reported in 2023

National adaptation policy not reported beyond mandatory reporting in 2023

No data reported in 2023

Outside EEA coverage

In March 2023, EU Member States were mandated for the second time to report their national adaptation actions under the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action and in line with the requirements of the first implementing regulation . Besides the mandatory reporting by EU Member States, EEA member countries that are not EU Member States were invited to report on adaptation voluntarily. In 2023, Iceland and Switzerland reported on their national adaptation actions and Türkiye did so in 2021.

The Climate-ADAPT country profiles showcase the current status of national adaptation actions reported per country. A selection of information is presented for each country along with a link to the public submission of the reporting, where all information and additional files submitted are available.

The two thematic maps above illustrate the reported status of national adaptation policies and adaptation portals and platforms in 2023. The thematic maps don’t necessary reflect the formal status in the countries.