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Climate-ADAPT Event

Aligning Climate-ADAPT with the 2021 EU Adaptation Policy Context

9th Climate-ADAPT Development Webinar


Climate-ADAPT aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change by helping users to access and share data and information on expected climate change in Europe, current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors, EU, national and transnational adaptation strategies and actions, adaptation case studies and potential adaptation options as well as tools that support adaptation planning.

The new EU Adaptation Strategy, launched under the European Green Deal, acknowledges that the platform is already an established reference tool and knowledge resource. In the new EU Adaptation Strategy, Climate-ADAPT is given even more prominence, notably to become ‘the authoritative European platform for adaptation’. Therefore, Climate-ADAPT is currently being restructured to follow the structure of the new EU Adaptation Strategy which is more complex than the previous one and covers various cross-cutting topics. Moreover, Climate-ADAPT is being regularly updated and upgraded to capture the growing amount and diversity of adaptation knowledge in Europe. The future Climate-ADAPT will also need to be aligned with EU policy initiatives such as the EU Mission on adaptation to climate change including societal transformation and Destination Earth.

The further development of Climate-ADAPT will be done in a stepwise approach focusing on specific priorities in each period. The EEA will further specify the stepwise approach in the 2022-2024 Climate-ADAPT Strategy and implement it mainly through the Annual Action Plans of the European Topic Centres.

 The purpose of the webinar is to introduce the ongoing work and the priorities of the planned activities in 2021 and beyond on the alignment of Climate-ADAPT with the new EU Adaptation Policy framework. In interactive sessions, feedback will be gathered on those envisaged priorities from the perspective of Climate-ADAPT users and providers on how Climate-ADAPT should be developed further.

The target audience of the webinar are the current and potential new users and providers of Climate-ADAPT. The intended users and providers of Climate-ADAPT consist primarily of governmental decision-makers as well as the organisations supporting them in the development, implementation and evaluation of climate change adaptation strategies, plans and actions at EU, transnational, national and sub-national level. Beyond that there is a wider spectrum of users, including business and non-governmental organisations, researchers, practitioners and interested citizens.

The webinar is organised in cooperation with Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC).

Agenda and supporting documents

Download the detailed agenda here

Topic I   Climate-ADAPT in the new EU Adaptation Policy context


Topic II 2021 - Implementing the high priority ambitions of the new EU Adaptation Strategy

Supporting more systemic and faster adaptation with new Climate-ADAPT features

Feedback, Questions, Answers

Supporting more systemic and faster adaptation by further developing current Climate-ADAPT features

Feedback, Questions, Answers

Topic III 2022 and beyond - Reflecting and implementing all actions of the new EU Adaptation Strategy


Feedback, Questions, Answers


A background document for the event is available here

Practical information


The webinar is organized as a an open online meeting/closed meeting based on personal invitation . Participation in the webinar is possible via a weblink. The link will be send to you after your registration. As a participant, you will be given a listening and writing permission. The webinar will be held as an interactive meeting with time for feedback. The writing permission will be used to submit your questions via the chat function. A visual image of the participants is not provided.


If you have any further questions you can contact climate.adapt@eea.europa.eu

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