The CLIMSAVE impact assessment platform is a user-friendly, interactive web-based tool that allows stakeholders to assess climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for a range of sectors, including agriculture, forests, biodiversity, coasts, water resources and urban development. The linking of models for the different sectors enables stakeholders to see how their interactions could affect European landscape change. Outputs from the linked models are translated into ecosystem services (the benefits that people obtain from ecosystems) in order to link climate change impacts directly to human well-being. The tool also enables stakeholders to explore adaptation strategies for reducing climate change vulnerability, discovering where, when and under what circumstances such actions may help. It highlights the cost-effectiveness and cross-sectoral benefits and conflicts of different adaptation options and enables uncertainties to be investigated to better inform the development of robust policy responses. Two integrated assessment platforms are being developed: one covering Europe and one for a regional case study based on Scotland.

Disclaimer: This tool is under development and will be fully operational at the end of the project, i.e. 2013.

Please refer to this movie for an introduction on the foreseen content and functionality of the platform.

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