This section contains tutorial videos designed to familiarise new users of Climate-ADAPT with the adaptation information available in the platform on local, national, transnational and European levels, and how this information can be used to assess impacts, vulnerability, risks and adaptation options.

Users who need in particular information to develop an adaptation strategy or  action plan are invited to watch the videos selecting the level of governance (local, national, regional or transnational) according with their interest and competences.

Users looking for a visual tool that provides an overview of the climate hazards facing European cities, and the cities’ exposure and vulnerabilities to those, as well as the adaptation activities taken can watch the Urban Adaptation Map Viewer video to better understand how to use this tool on Climate-ADAPT.

I want to develop a LOCAL adaptation strategy
or action plan.

I want to develop a NATIONAL or REGIONAL
adaptation strategy or action plan.

I want to develop a TRANSNATIONAL adaptation
strategy or action plan.

Climate ADAPT Urban Adaptation Map Viewer-UAMV.

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