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Overview list of all indices

This page provides a comprehensive list of the indices provided in Climate-ADAPT from the Copernicus Climate Change Service. The indices are listed in hazard categories defined by the European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and Adaptation in their report "Climate-related hazard indices for Europe".

Hazard categoryHazard typeIndicatorZip download
Heat and coldMean air temperatureMean TemperatureDownload
Growing Degree DaysDownload
Heating Degree DaysDownload
Cooling Degree DaysDownload
Tropical NightsDownload
Extreme heatApparent Temperature Heatwave DaysDownload
Climatological Heatwave DaysDownload
High UTCI DaysDownload
Maximum temperatureDownload
Cold spells and frostFrost DaysDownload
Minimum temperatureDownload
Wet and dryMean precipitationTotal PrecipitationDownload
Extreme precipitationMaximum Consecutive Five-Day PrecipitationDownload
Extreme Precipitation DaysDownload
River floodingRiver dischargeDownload
River Flood Download
AridityAridity ActualDownload
WildfireHigh Fire Danger DaysDownload
Fire Weather IndexDownload
Snow and iceSnow and land iceSnowfall AmountDownload
CoastalRelative sea levelRelative Sea Level RiseDownload
Coastal floodingExtreme Sea LevelDownload
OtherOtherTiger Mosquito Climatic Season LengthDownload
Tiger Mosquito Climatic SuitabilityDownload

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