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Stimulating private investment in climate adaptation - who's afraid of red, yellow, green and blue (LIFE@Urban Roofs)


LIFE@Urban Roofs will encourage real estate developers and building owners to invest in climate change adaptation. This new approach will see the local government acting as a stimulator and facilitator.

The project will trial the use of multifunctional roofs that have greater benefits for property owners than traditional green roofs. These roofs will combine several types of infrastructure: green (to reduce the urban heat island effect and support biodiversity), blue (water storage), yellow (energy generation) and red (social use).

Rotterdam has selected three demonstration sites to maximise the climate and publicity impact:

    • The Peperklip, a large, lower-income housing project requiring large-scale measures;
    • De Heuvel, a community building in the city centre that is used by everyone from business executives to primary school children; and
    • Robert Fruinstraat, a street with a range of property types, where the owners face the common problem of flooding.

To boost innovation, the project will provide roof space for experimental technologies, and will organise a design contest for multifunctional roofs. It will also carry out a social cost benefit analysis (SCBA) of each site. This will allow the designs for each multifunctional roof to be optimised. The adaptation measures will then be implemented.

The effects of the adaptation measures will be monitored. Data will be used to evaluate and validate the demonstration cases. This will lead to the development of a transferrable and replicable blueprint of the approach to stimulate private investment. As part of the LIFE project, Vejle in Denmark will be the first to replicate the approach. It will intensively cooperate with Rotterdam to provide solid evidence of the validity and efficacy of the approach.

Project information


Municipality of Rotterdam


Vejle Kommune, Denmark

Trivestor Beleggingen BV, The Netherlands

Stichting Gebouw De Heuvel, The Netherlands

Stichting Vestia, The Netherlands

Stichting Arosa, The Netherlands

DRVM BV, The Netherlands

Source of funding

LIFE Programme

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