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  • Open call launched for regions and communities on climate risk assessment

    11 Dec 2023

    The EU funded CLIMAAX (Climate risk and vulnerability assessment framework and toolbox) project has launched the first Open Call for regions and communities that will implement the CLIMAAX methodological framework (based on the framework of the EU Mission on Climate Adaptation) and the supporting Climate Risk Assessment Toolbox, to carry out their regional and local multi-risk assessments. Deadline for submission is 8 March 2024.

  • Communication of the European Commission on the management of future climate risks: Have your say!

    08 Dec 2023

    In response to the first ever European Climate Risk Assessment report, which the European Environment Agency (EEA) will publish in spring 2024, the European Commission will draw up a Communication on how to manage the climate risks identified in the report. The aim is to ensure that policymakers can make explicit and informed decisions about the acceptability of risks and the trade-offs involved in mitigating them. Notably, the Communication will identify areas that are key to addressing these climate risks in the Commission's future work programmes, multiannual programmes, and policy proposals.

  • Participatory fire-management strategies

    07 Dec 2023

    Research, funded by the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition, has been exploring participatory fire-management strategies. The researchers note that integrating landscape values through a participatory multi-criteria approach can be a cost-effective adaptation activity to help local communities save valued areas when wildfires occur.

  • EU Solidarity Fund grants €100 million of advance payment to Slovenia following the summer floods

    07 Dec 2023

    The European Commission has approved an advance payment of €100 million to Slovenia under the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF), to ease the financial burden of reconstruction and clean-up efforts, and implementing adaptation measures, after the damage caused by the devastating floods that took place in the country in August 2023.

  • Report on assessment of tipping point risks and societal opportunities

    07 Dec 2023

    More than 200 scientists from around the world, contributed to the ‘Global Tipping Points Report’: a comprehensive report on Earth system tipping points and their potential impacts and opportunities for societal change. With global warming now on course to breach 1.5°C, at least five earth system tipping points are likely to be triggered. Based on an assessment of 26 negative Earth system tipping points, the report concludes “business as usual” is no longer possible, with rapid changes to nature and societies already happening.

  • UK participation in the Horizon Europe and Copernicus programmes

    27 Nov 2023

    The European Council gave its green light to UK participation in the EU’s Horizon Europe and Copernicus programmes. This means that researchers and organisations in the United Kingdom will, as of 1 January 2024, be able to participate in the EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe on equal terms with their counterparts in the EU member states.

  • Commission funds 171 new LIFE projects in environment and climate across Europe with over €396 million

    27 Nov 2023

    The European Commission approves 171 new projects under the LIFE Programme for environment and climate action. The sub-programme climate change mitigation and adaptation is enriched with 34 projects (worth €110 million) to boost the implementation of the European Climate Law and the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, for which the EU provides around €65 million.

  • Scaling nature-based solutions for climate resilience and nature restoration

    17 Nov 2023

    Nature-based solutions, such as restoring wetlands in flood-prone areas or green infrastructure to reduce heat island effects in cities, need to be scaled up to help Europe adapting to climate change. A European Environment Agency (EEA) briefing assesses the current state of such climate adaptation projects and how they can increase both societal resilience to climate change and nature restoration.

  • New information on the process and outcome of the European Climate Risk Assessment

    10 Nov 2023

    The European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) will support the identification of adaptation related policy priorities and related investments in EU policy development in climate sensitive sectors. An update of the Climate-ADAPT EUCRA page shows the latest developments towards the publication of this key product of the EU Adaptation Strategy.

  • UNEP Adaptation Gap Report 2023

    06 Nov 2023

    The Adaptation Gap Report of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) looks at progress in planning, financing and implementing adaptation actions. The main finding for 2023 is that progress on climate adaptation is slowing when it should be accelerating to catch up with rising climate change impacts.