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About the European Climate and Health Observatory

The European Climate and Health Observatory (‘Observatory’) is a partnership between the European Commission, the European Environment Agency (EEA) and several other organisations. It contributes to the European Green Deal and the EU4Health vision for a healthier European Union.

The European Climate and Health Observatory is managed jointly by the European Commission and the EEA. The Observatory is maintained by the EEA as part of the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) with the support of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Adaptation and LULUCF (ETC CA).

The European Climate and Health Observatory covers the 38 EEA member and cooperating countries (as of 1 February 2020).

The European Climate and Health Observatory aims to support Europe in preparing for and adapting to the impacts of climate change on human health by providing access to relevant information and tools. It also fosters information exchange and cooperation between relevant international, European, national and non-governmental actors.

The European Climate and Health Observatory provides access to the following types of information related to climate and human health in Europe:

  • European and national policy context
  • Impacts of climate change on health in Europe
  • Indicators on climate and health
  • Information systems and tools on climate and health
  • Early warning systems on climate and health

The European Climate and Health Observatory also includes a searchable Resource Catalogue, which provides access to further relevant quality-controlled resources, including:

  • Publications and reports
  • Research and knowledge projects
  • Guidance material
  • Information portals

Users are invited to propose relevant items (e.g. new publications) for inclusion in the Observatory’s Resource Catalogue by emailing climate.adapt@eea.europa.eu

The European Climate and Health Observatory intends to publish an annual report on climate change and health in Europe in cooperation between the EEA, the Lancet Countdown and other Observatory partners.

The pilot version of the European Climate and Health Observatory has been launched in early 2021 jointly with the adoption of a new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change.

The Observatory is being developed further in cooperation with its partners and European countries. 

The Observatory workplan for 2021-22 can be found here


In charge of coordinating the process, managing the work plan, and operating the portal.


In charge of developing projects that contribute to the observatory; providing input and advice to assessments; providing content for the web portal; and sharing outcomes from relevant projects and events.