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European environment and health atlas

EEA’s European environment and health atlas presents information on how pollution and other environmental risks like climate change affect the health and well-being of Europeans.


View inequalities in the distribution of environmental risks and benefits to health across Europe in a selection of maps.

Enter the address of where you work, live, play and assess the quality of the environment. The check-your-place functionality allows you to find among others the nearest green space or water body or your neighbourhood's air quality.

Learn in the accompanying story:

  • how healthier environments can prevent a significant proportion of the disease burden afflicting Europeans, help to live longer and healthier lives, and improve well-being
  • how pollution in air, water and soil; toxic chemicals; noise; climate change, and other environmental risks harm our health
  • how environmental risks to health are unequally distributed, affecting disproportionately the most vulnerable and disadvantaged