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Country profiles

EEA member countries are at different stages of preparing, developing and implementing national adaptation strategies and plans, including the consideration of health-related aspects in them. Countries are also at different stages in considering climate change aspects in their national and -where appropriate- subnational health policies. The country profiles provide a brief overview of the consideration of public health in climate change adaptation strategies and plans, and of coverage of climate change adaptation in public health policies, based on a number of public documents.

For EU Member States, the information in the country profiles is based on the following information sources:

  • EEA policy analysis (2022):
    Policies on climate change adaptation and national health strategies were analysed by the European Environment Agency to identify the coverage of climate-related impacts on health and types of interventions addressing them. Results, based on information collected in 2021, are available in the report Climate change and health: the national policy overview in Europe. The geographical coverage of various aspects in national policies across Europe can be visualized using the map viewer.
  • Governance Regulation (GovReg) reporting (2021):
    EU Member States have provided information under Regulation (EU) 2018/1999 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018 on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action. The full range of information is published on the Climate-ADAPT Country Profiles
  • Monitoring Mechanism Regulation (MMR) reporting (2019):
    EU Member States provided information under the European mechanism for monitoring and reporting information relevant to climate change (Regulation (EU) No 525/2013) in 2019.
  • Adaptation preparedness scoreboard Country fiches (2018): 
    In 2018, the European Commission evaluated the 2013 EU strategy on adaptation to climate change. The evaluation package contains assessments of each of the Member States' national adaptation strategies and processes, which are published in these Country fiches.
  • WHO study with DG CLIMA (2018):
    The WHO Regional Office for Europe and the European Commission have jointly analyzed developments in health policies to address adaptation to climate change in EU Member States and have compiled a selection of good practice case studies. This analysis comprised a desk review, a survey with country representatives from the health and environment sectors as well as two workshops held in 2017. The results are presented in the publication Public health and climate change adaptation policies in the European Union

For other EEA member countries, substantially less information is available. The information provided here is based on voluntary submissions to the EEA, which are published on the Climate-ADAPT Country Profiles, complemented by information from the 7th National Communications to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).