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Mainstreaming adaptation in EU sector policies

In April 2013 the European Commission adopted the EU strategy on adaptation to climate change which sets out a framework and mechanisms for taking the EU's preparedness for current and future climate impacts to a new level. The EU finances adaptation to climate change in Europe through a wide range of instruments.

Climate policy mainstreaming is the involvement of actors, whose main tasks are not directly concerned with climate change, working towards the goals of mitigation , or adaptation . Adaptation means anticipating the adverse effects of climate change and taking appropriate action to prevent or minimise the damage they can cause. Early action will save damage costs later on, so adaptation strategies are needed at all levels of administration, from local to international.

Mainstreaming climate change adaptation in EU policies is one of the pillars of the European Commission's 2009 White Paper "Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action". In the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the following statement is made on combating climate change: 'We must also strengthen our economies' resilience to climate risks, and our capacity for disaster prevention and response'.

EU policies in which such mainstreaming is ongoing or explored are:


Agriculture and Forestry
The European Commission's EU strategy on adaptation to climate change...
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Climate change is expected to have a substantial impact on biodiversity, the functioning of ecosystems..
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Coastal areas
Sea level rise can cause flooding, coastal erosion and the loss of low-lying...
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Disaster risk reduction
Over the last few years, Europe has experienced severe forest fires, floods, and droughts...
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There are no specific EU policies to mainstream climate change adaptation...
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Climate change will have both direct and indirect effects on human health...
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One of the key policy instruments through which the European Union...
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Marine and fisheries
EU policies and instruments relevant for coastal areas include the Integrated Maritime...
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Water management
Water resources are directly impacted by climate change, and the management...
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