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Climate-ADAPT use cases

Climate-ADAPT aims to assist users in the uptake of the adaptation information stored in the platform, and to support decision making on adaptation in Europe at all governance levels and for all steps of the adaptation policy cycle, contributing to a greater level of coordination among sectors and institutional levels. Climate-ADAPT also aims to assist information providers in sharing knowledge to build a consistent and updated knowledge base.

Climate-ADAPT knowledge is used across Europe in a variety of policy processes supporting decision making at different levels. The following table shows an overview on these processes supported by the use of Climate-ADAPT in 17 exemplary cases across Europe. Details of all cases can be downloaded here or individually from the table.

Country, region, organization
Governance level
Develop evidence documents feeding into policy
Informing the development of NAS and NAP
Support participatory processes
Support decision making (g. deciding on regulations)
Develop funding proposals
1    Directorate-General for Research and Innovation European Commission x x
2    Carpathians Transnational x
3    Bulgaria National x x
4    Italy National x x
5    Poland National x x x x
6    Spain National x x
7    Turkey National x x x
8    Greece National x x
9     Lombardy Region Subnational x x x
10   Sardinia Region Subnational x x x
11   Province of Barcelona Subnational x
12   Bologna Local x
13   Cascais Local x x
14   Sorradile Intermediary organisation l x x
15   Lombardy Foundation Intermediary organisation x x x
16   United Kingdom Sector x
17   United Kingdom Research organisation x x x x x