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Preparing the ground for adaptation Assessing risks and vulnerabilities to climate change Identifying adaptation options Assessing adaptation options Implementation Monitoring and evaluation

Identifying adaptation options

Devising a detailed plan of action ideally setting out how, when and by whom specific adaptation measures should be implemented is crucial to achieve action on the ground. To develop this plan of action it is important to identify potential adaptation options and narrow them down.

Adaptation options aim to address the previously identified climate challenges. Furthermore, adaptation options may allow taking advantage of any positive opportunities that arise from climate change. Adaptation options can range from actions (also called ‘soft measures’) that build adaptive capacity (e.g. sharing information, creating supportive institutional framework) or establish management systems and supportive mechanisms (e.g. better land management planning, insurance mechanisms) to concrete adaptation measures, often referred to as ‘grey’ (e.g. infrastructure development) or ‘green’ (ecosystem-based measures) measures. This section facilitates an exploration of potential adaptation options and helps to identify relevant actions and their potential co-benefits.





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