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Mean plot discolouration at NUTS level 3 for Europe

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Mean plot discolouration at NUTS level 2 for Europe (8 classes) (derived from Forest Focus Level 1 Data) is available for single years or for specific periods and for plots representing different plant groups (genus, major species, broadleaves/coniferous/mixed, forest type). Length of survey varies from country to country but at the most covers the period from 1987 to 2004. This information has been derived from the Forest Focus database, which has been build for the monitoring of air pollution effects on forests under Forest Focus Regulation (EC) No 2152/2003. Aggregated maps of mean plot discoloration at NUTS level 2 for Europe could be viewed using the Forest Condition Query tool in the EFDAC Map Viewer. The link to the EFDAC Map Viewer is provided below under "View".

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