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Dissemination materials

Climate-ADAPT provides added value by complementing adaptation knowledge platforms at other governance levels and knowledge platforms covering more specific topics of adaptation (add link to the 'Network' page ( It informs about adaptation at EU levels and guides users to various other sources of adaptation knowledge across Europe.
Dissemination material provided in this section helps to better understand and promote the added value of Climate-ADAPT.


A leaflet to get to know Climate-ADAPT, the platform for collecting and sharing information on climate change adaptation in Europe. Find out what you can give-and-take, but also how you can use this platform.

Postcard has been produced and can be distributed for promoting  Climate-ADAPT platform.

Collection of 10 Climate-ADAPT case studies that showcases measures that are already being carried out in Europe to increase resilience to extreme weather and slow-onset events, as well as improve adaptation to climate change.