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Inspiring Climate-ADAPT use cases

Climate-ADAPT aims to assist users in the uptake of the adaptation information stored in the platform, and to support decision making on adaptation in Europe at all governance levels and for all steps of the adaptation policy cycle, contributing to a greater level of coordination among sectors and institutional levels. Climate-ADAPT also aims to assist information providers in sharing knowledge to build a consistent and updated knowledge base.

Climate-ADAPT knowledge is used across Europe in a variety of policy processes supporting decision making at different levels. The following table shows an overview on these processes supported by the use of Climate-ADAPT in 17 exemplary cases across Europe. Details of all cases can be downloaded here or individually from the table.


Processes supporting decision making
Country, region, organization Governance level Use case title  Research Develop evidence documents feeding into policy Informing the development of NAS and NAP Support participatory processes Support decision making (g. deciding on regulations) Develop funding proposals
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation European Commission Using Climate-ADAPT to find the latest scientific knowledge on adaptation for agenda-setting for EU research and innovation funding x x download.png
Carpathians Transnational Using country information from Climate-ADAPT to develop a Carpathian transnational region page and to feed into international adaptation policies x download.png
Adriatic Region Transnational
Using Climate-ADAPT structure and content as a model to create the “Resilience Information platform for the Adriatic region” x x x x download.png
Bulgaria National Encouraging Bulgarian stakeholders to use the Bulgarian country page and further resources on Climate-ADAPT to inform the development of the Bulgarian National Adaptation Strategy x x download.png
Italy National Understanding the state of the art of EU countries' impact indicators to determine national indicators for climate change impacts in Italy x x download.png
Poland National Informing urban adaptation plans for large cities in Poland using Climate-ADAPT x x x x download.png
Spain National Spain is inspired by Climate-ADAPT case studies to create its own adaptation good practice examples x x download.png
Turkey National Using the Adaptation Support Tool as a comprehensive and systematic checklist for developing a project proposal to revise the National Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan of Turkey x x x download.png
Greece National Supporting the preparation of EU LIFE Climate Action funding proposals in Greece at national, regional and local levels by using the Climate-ADAPT database, adaptation options and research projects x x download.png
Ireland National Using Climate-ADAPT Adaptation Support Tool to prepare the Local Authority Adaptation Wizard by Climate Ireland x download.png
Lombardy Region Subnational Developing a regional adaptation plan using European climate data accessed through tools and guidance on Climate-ADAPT x x x download.png
Sardinia Region Subnational Supporting cooperation across governance levels and access to European knowledge on Climate-ADAPT for the regional government of Sardinia x x x download.png
Province of Barcelona Subnational Finding inspiration to develop tools to support municipalities designing climate change adaptation plans x download.png
Bologna Local Using Climate-ADAPT to develop the Bologna Urban Adaptation Plan and guidelines for medium-sized Italian cities x download.png
Cascais Local Using the Urban Adaptation Support Tool to train staff in a network of municipalities to develop local adaptation plans x x download.png
Sorradile Intermediary organisation Identifying best practice for vulnerability assessments in rural areas where there is no national adaptation platform x x download.png
Lombardy Foundation Intermediary organisation Intermediary organisation that supports learning from other EU countries about the legal and policy frameworks for mainstreaming adaptation x x x download.png
United Kingdom Sector Using Climate-ADAPT information to create a risk and adaptation plan for the health sector in England x download.png
United Kingdom Research organisation The research perspective: assessing the status of EU climate projections from Climate-ADAPT for Copernicus Climate Services and EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects x x x x x download.png