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FAQ for users

Which content is provided on Climate-ADAPT?

The purpose of the platform is to share information on adaptation in Europe. The platform focuses on current and expected climate change and its related impacts in Europe, as well as current and future vulnerability of regions and sectors, national and transnational adaptation strategies, potential adaptation options, case studies, and tools that support adaptation planning. All information is presented on descriptive web pages, and is complemented by a searchable database. DG Climate Action and the European Environment Agency (EEA), supported by the European Topic Center on Climate Change  Adaptation and LULUCF (ETC CA) ensure that the information presented on the platform is chosen according to the selection criteria defined.


Which type of information is provided on Climate-ADAPT?

The platform provides predominantly content pointing to relevant resources available on external websites rather than copies of documents or data themselves. Each link to external information is accompanied by descriptive text.


Which information is available in the Climate-ADAPT database?

The Climate-ADAPT database allows a quick overview of the available knowledge on climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation in Europe. It is searchable via predefined filter criteria, while metadata make it easier to screen the resources being offered.


What is the intended target audience of Climate-ADAPT?

Climate-ADAPT is designed to assist governmental decision-makers (and organisations providing them support such as agencies, boundary organisations and research institutes) working on the development and implementation of adaptation strategies or actions at EU, transnational, national and sub-national level (e.g. cities).


What is the quality of the information presented on Climate-ADAPT?

Climate-ADAPT contains very diverse types of information, submitted by different providers. Quality assurance (including peer review procedures) of the information presented is carried out by the information providers themselves. The team at the EEA and ETC CA ensures that the quality of the metadata provided in the Climate-ADAPT database follows agreed rules. Disclaimers are available on the individual pages, providing information on relevant sources.


In which languages is the information on Climate-ADAPT available?

In order to easily share knowledge on adaptation in Europe, the information provided on Climate-ADAPT is presented in English. However, as an exception, some cases in the section Country Information present links to important information sources in national languages.


How can information on Climate-ADAPT be searched?

Please use the blue navigation bar in order to find information in the web pages. Please use the “Search all site” function in the top white bar to search for information in the Climate-ADAPT database. The information in the Database can also be found using the dynamic are in the home page or accessing the Database via the Knowledge menu in the blue bar.


Is it possible to find more help?

Yes, the Help section of Climate-ADAPT offers guidance through the platform, in particular for new users. If this is not sufficient, please contact the Climate-ADAPT support team via climate.adapt@eea.europa.eu.