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Identifying adaptation options

3.1 Creating a catalogue of relevant adaptation options

This compilation should focus on adaptation options, which are able to accommodate the relevant main concerns that have been identified for the country, region or administrative level considered. Adaptation options can be retrieved from literature review and databases, from scientific experts and/or colleagues from other authorities as well as through stakeholder involvement. In addition, local and regional knowledge are very important to identify appropriate adaptation options, avoiding mal-adaptation. Over the last years several catalogues of adaptation options have been developed by researchers, city networks, national or regional authorities or stakeholder organisations. These catalogues should form the basis for a selection of options that fits within the specific context and to the defined adaptation goals. It also needs to be recognised that adaptation does not always require completely new action. Adaptation often means considering and adjusting activities that would be required for sustainable development in any case, or mainstreaming adaptation into existing or new legislations, norms and plans (e.g. flood risk management plans under the EU floods Directive).

The collection shall encompass a wide spectrum of adaptation options, including technological, informational, organizational, behavioural, ecosystem-based, social and socio‐economic options at all levels, sectoral, cross‐sectoral and cross-cutting. See Adaptation options on Climate-ADAPT.

Adaptation options on Climate-ADAPT

The adaptation options available will depend on a number of inter-related factors. Consult here the adaptation options available in Climate-ADAPT selecting a specific climate impact and / or adaptation sector of interest

To look up impact and sector specific adaptation options please use the dropdown boxes below.

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