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Identifying adaptation options

3.2 Finding examples of good adaptation practices

Although a large number of adaptation options applicable can be identified (see Step 3.1), often little is known about their performance, acceptance and issues linked to implementing them. Therefore, it is also important to identify adaptation options and practices that others have already implemented and to learn from their experience. Seeing adaptation options already successfully implemented and delivering results elsewhere gives them additional credibility.

Especially good practice examples for adaptation activities and measures in place that already cope with changing climatic conditions (e.g. temperature rise, changes in precipitation patterns, extreme weather events) should be considered and assessed. They can provide insights into the adjustments/improvements that may be required to accommodate future climate change. Moreover, it becomes obvious where gaps are and which barriers may exist that hinder successful adaptation.

What case studies are available?

The 10 most recently published case studies are listed below. Make the list of cases more specific by selecting a specific climate impact and / or adaptation sector of interest. There is a specific page for case studies on Climate-ADAPT that can be seen here.

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Climate-ADAPT database items

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