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Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation

6.5 Monitoring and evaluating adaptation: Self-check

The factors driving MRE activities are well understood and the purposes of MRE is clearly defined and communicated

MRE system is tailored to specific conditions and priorities with specific purposes and objectives

The NAS, NAP and/or SAP have clear measurable targets and objectives
Roles and responsibilities for MRE are clear and mechanisms for engaging relevant stakeholders are in place

MRE indicators and methods combine quantitative indicators with qualitative methods to capture perspectives from a range of relevant stakeholders, allowing for more effective triangulation of information, and ensuring that the overall narrative of adaptation progress is robust, consistent and contextualised

Results are synthesised and communicated in ways that are relevant to key audiences (especially policy-makers and decision-makers)

MRE informs adaptation policy making along the adaptation policy cycle, informs policy revision and support learning over time