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Getting started

About the Urban Adaptation Support Tool

The Urban Adaptation Support Tool guides European adaptation decision-makers and practitioners in cities through the main steps of the adaptation process. The tool is based on the adaptation policy cycle, which highlights that climate change adaptation is an iterative process. The UAST is divided into six steps and a number of sub-steps. It is regularly updated and for each sub-step it provides links to carefully selected resources that can be of the greatest use to cities.

 The UAST supports Covenant of Mayors signatory cities to develop and implement their action plan and complete the adaptation-related sections of the Covenant of Mayors reporting platform MyCovenant (see also the offline working version of the reporting template).

The Urban Adaptation Support Tool highlights the key issues to be considered when planning and implementing adaptation. The six steps of the Tool help to prepare ground for adaptation, understand the risks and vulnerabilities to current and future climate hazards, identify and assess adaptation options, develop and implement a climate change adaptation strategy and/or action plan and monitor the results of adaptation action. Steps are divided into sub-steps. For each sub-step, a brief summary of the given issue is provided, followed by a more detailed guidance under ‘Read more’. Each sub-step provides links to guidance materials, case studies or specific tools, including:

  • Climate-ADAPT case studies of concrete examples from multiple European cities
  • Guidance and tools relevant to local adaptation action
  • Publications, reports and other Climate-ADAPT database resources
  • Relevant EU-funded projects
  • Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy resources

 The tool is closely linked and aligned with the European Covenant of Mayors commitments and reporting requirements. It can serve as a step-by-step guidance to Covenant signatory cities in designing and implementing their adaptation action plan. The sub-steps clearly highlight aspects of importance for completing the Covenant reporting requirements.

The Urban Adaptation Support Tool can be used as a guidance on its own, or in combination with other guidance documents and tools developed on international, national, local and sector specific levels (see below). It is especially recommended to check your country page for guidance relevant to your country.