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Investing in nature: Financing conservation and nature-based solutions


Boosting investment for biodiversity, conservation and nature-based adaptation to climate.

Nature’s contribution to the global economy is worth more than $125 trillion annually, and building conservation and nature-based solutions into projects represents a unique opportunity for businesses. Nature-based solutions and conservation activities give businesses the possibility to lower operational costs, to unlock new revenue streams, to increase customer engagement, and to deliver environmental goods and services.

Nevertheless, deciding how to finance these projects can be challenging. This practical guide, developed by the European Investment Bank, aims to help businesses in identifying viable conservation and nature-based solutions, and to support them in finding the optimal financial structure to incorporate such solutions into their business operations.

This guide is directed to a wide range of actors, from entrepreneurs exploring nature-based solutions to improve project performance, to conservation organisation wanting to move towards a commercial business model, corporations trying to offset the environmental impact of their operations, financial institution aiming to support conservation projects, cities or municipalities motivated to become greener.

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Published in Climate-ADAPT Mar 23 2020   -   Last Modified in Climate-ADAPT Nov 01 2022

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